How Did I End Up With a Website???

I decided that it could be possible (with the help of SBI, see About This Site) to offer my services via the Internet to anyone who wants to use my experience in buying a vintage piece of jewelry. I would be able to help people find their perfect diamond, from any source, and I’d be able to work from home.

My “itchy feet” days are over and I looking forward to spending as much time with my kids as possible because they are growing up way too fast!


At Vintage Me Oh My, we are diamond brokers specializing in GIA certified diamonds, and experts at negotiating better prices. We have extensive connections in the wholesale diamond industry to get the the best price on the diamond you are seeking.

We offer BEST PRICES & personal service that you just can’t get from the major internet sellers. Before you purchase a diamond from another online seller, get a quote from us. In most cases we can beat the price you have been quoted.


Just email us the specifics on any diamond you are looking at, from any diamond seller on the web. In many cases we can offer you the EXACT SAME diamond, at a better price.

Most internet sellers don’t own the diamonds they list, thus we have access to the same stones, direct from the true source. For example, if you are look at a stone the Internet Diamond Seller XXX is selling for $5000, most likely their cost is $4300 to $4500. Assuming the average seller’s markup, we can sell you a stone like this at around $4800 – a $200 SAVINGS. We do this by contacting the actual owner of the stone, and negotiating a better price.


YOU PAY NOTHING. That’s right, nothing. Because of our large volume and buying power, we get a small commission from the seller.

WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? Just email us for a quote.Remember, you are never under any obligation.. All you do is reap the savings, and enjoy the personalized service that we provide.