ring sizing

We always encourage our clients to make the engagement as a surprise! Assume, you bring your loved one to your favourite place, both are eating your favourite food, there is a nice breeze in the air, and it is coming to sunset everything is perfect, and you take out the perfect ring for her, which is totally what she would have chosen. And it just fit perfect to her finger.

There cannot be a better propose, since you determine not only her taste but her ring size also correctly without taking any hint from her. So here are some tips, in order to make this magical scenario real:

-Read our ring guide for choosing the most suitable model for her taste, within your budget.

-Check her rings, when she is not around borrow one of the rings that you are sure she is wearing in the same finger. And calculate the diameter .

-When you are visiting a shop you can ask her to try some costume jewellery just for the fun of it. The moment you believe the ring is her size, note down the ring size. Or test in your finger.

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Things to Remember

Please keep in mind: Always measure your finger size at evening after dinner, this is the time where your fingers are the swelled the most.

No matter where you measure, it is very normal that your ring size may fluctuate by half a size. It is common during the summer and winter time when the fingers tend to swell or shrink a little with temperature changes.

Water retention, pregnancy and other factors may also affect your size. Knowing this will help you pick a size that will fit properly, no matter what time of year.

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