Are you looking for a special vintage engagement ring as unique as you are?

Well, your choices are virtually endless if you are. Unique engagement rings range from rings you design yourself to vintage rings to engagement rings from different cultures.

Before you rush out and start looking for the most unusual engagement ring you can find, you may want to consider these things:

Are You Really Up For A Truly Unique Engagement Ring?

special antique rings

One thing you want to keep in mind before you buy that gorgeous, need-a-crane-to-lift-it Art Deco diamond engagement ring is whether you’ll enjoy waking up to it in the morning 10 years from now.

Yes, it’s to die for, but it’s going to snag and bump into things all the time. Try imagining yourself mixing up a meatloaf with it on or changing a diaper with it on, even washing your hands with it on. Not so good, huh?

Then there are all those questions you’ll have to answer if you choose a truly unusual lookling engagement ring. Where did you find that ring? What’s the story behind your engagement ring? You really like that engagement ring? What was your husband thinking when he bought that ring?

And then there are the comments you’ll hear…”Hmmm, that’s different all right!” “Well, everyone has different tastes, I suppose?” “Not what I’d have chosen, but then we ARE different!”

While you probably love (who doesn’t!) to get compliments and questions about your jewelry, you should consider if you’ll like answering the same questions and hearing the same comments twenty years from now (especially if those comments are a bit snide).

Because, believe it or not, what’s enjoyable and fun now about buying and having a special looking ring may be completely irritating after a few years. So, before you buy that oh, so unusual engagement ring you saw on the Internet, make sure you’re up to answering a lot of questions or endlessly being offered unasked-for opinions.

One solution for a truly unique engagement ring is to design it yourself and to build your own engagement ring at our favorite online jeweler, That way you’re getting something unique but not outrageously so!

Last Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you invest in a vintage ring, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself:

Is it worth the investment?

Am I buying from a reputable jeweler?

Does this unusual engagement ring fit not just my finger, but also my personality?

Will it require any special upkeep or perpetual repair?

Traditional engagement rings are traditional for a reason. They stay within society’s expectations, and they’re designed to be worn every day.

So, before you purchase an over-the-top diamond ring, be sure it’s one you’ll want to stick with. Just like you did with your choice of a spouse-to-be!